Paw Print Flat Back Ball Tip Soft Slicker Brush Small

Paw Print Flat Back Soft Slicker Brush has soft plastic pins for sensitive skin. Great for removing mats and dead fur.
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  • Flat back style slicker
  • Soft pins with plastic tips for sensitive skin
  • Removes mats and dead fur
  • Great for fine and delicate coats
  • Stainless steel pins are angled to grip the fur better
  • High impact plastic body holds up to rigorous professional use
  • Soft rubber grip insert makes it easier to hold on to even when wet
  • Famous Paw Prints on back of handle
  • Medium and Small are popular red/black color; Large has gray handles with pink paw prints
  • Available in
    small (2-1/2″ X 1-3/4″)
    medium(1-3/4″ X 3-1/2″)
    large(2″ X 4-1/2″)
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